Online Courses

We have 2 home stretching, flexibility and conditioning online courses available to purchase as well as our bespoke Instructor training academy membership!

Middle Split Intensive

Get lower into your middle split with this step by step video course!

Join me as I break down the best warm up, stretches and exercises to get results, in order, through a tried and tested process.

Not only do I teach these to my students in my studio and online, but I have also used these stretches and exercises to take myself from being 2 inches up from the ground, to an over-split! 

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Flexibility & Conditioning Hub

Welcome to my Flexibility & Conditioning Hub inside you will find a collection of my best conditioning and flexibility training videos!

The key to getting results is CONSISTENCY.

These exercises and stretches have been my RELIGION since I started training 15 years ago.

You may not know this, but when I started, I couldn't even do the splits. I couldn't do a pull up.

I certainly couldn't do any contortion. I have learned how to do these things by repeating the same movements and stretches every week and in some cases every day.

Results in conditioning and flexibility cannot be short-cutted, but also do not need to be complicated, difficult or overwhelming.

Inside this online hub, you'll be able to start training and start getting results. Start now for an unrivalled price! See you inside, 

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Aerialist/Instructor Online Tutorials

As a Trainer of Instructors I provide an online academy of instructor tutorials and support. 

With over 250 tutorial videos already inside including my "signature poses" - you'll have inspiration and education ready to up your game as an Aerialist and an Instructor. 

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